Explore uncharted lands, delve into ancient Ruins, and use magic and might to fight for the Favor of the Gods in this tile placement, RPG adventure board game for 3-6 players. 

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Fallen From Favor

Centuries ago, the people of Oethera pledged their allegiance to the Gods, but as the years passed, they grew lax in their faith and have since fallen from the Gods' Favor. Now, to save your people, you will act as their ambassador and compete to repair your relationship with the Gods.

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Fight for Salvation

Assembled on the Altar, you will venture into unknown lands, traversing Mountains, Forests, Marshlands, and Wastelands in search of Ancient Relics to carry back to the Altar, offering them to the Gods for tokens of their Favor.

But remember, you are always at the whim of the Gods. As you explore Oethera, you will encounter vibrant characters, Charm the public to capture Settlement Banners, set devious Traps, use magic or strength to carve your path to victory, all the while contested by the other ambassadors who seek the same salvation.


How to Play

1. Draw a God Card

Draw a God card from the Altar and resolve whatever the Gods decree. Will they help you? Will they hinder your actions?

Or maybe they are simply indifferent. 

2. Take Your Turn

Each turn, you start with 4 points of Energy. Use Energy to move, reveal new Tiles, play Action Cards (classified as Attacks, Traps, Spells or Hexes), Delve into Ruins in search of Relics, Charm Settlements to capture their Banners, attack other players, interact with NPCs through Events, and more!

3. Draw Action Cards

End your turn by drawing Action Cards until your hand size is equal to your Wits!

The first player to 10 points of Favor, or to control all 4 Settlement Banners, wins the favor of the Gods and the game!

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Global Game Jam 2020

This game is a continuation of our submission to the Global Game Jam in 2020. The theme for the jam was "repair". It was the idea of repairing relationships that spurred the creation of this fantasy world filled with fantastical races fighting to earn Favor from the Gods, thus repairing their reverent relationship.


Take a look at the original submission, then called Gods' Favor


Melania & Stephen

Cassandra & Jeff